Who we are?

We are mainly focus on Welding Engineering and Welding and Construction Supervision of LNG Tanks, Regasification Plants and other Storaging Tanks and Vessels for different Oil&Gas sectors and new Power Generation sources as and Solar Power Plants. 

We are a small company working for the biggest companies in the world. 

Our Main customers are: Tecnicas Reunidas, Linde Group, Renaissance Heavy Industries, Cobra Energy, AES Corporation and Vopak. 


We will be part of your Team. Let us know what you need, we will make it for you.

We will support your Tank and Vessel construction project in each step:

1.-Engineering: producing or reviewing: procedures, specifications, Inspection Test Plans, and Method Statement and drawings.

2.-Procurement: we could be checking the purchaser order, fabrication plans and pieces and materials certification testing. 

3.- Qualification of the Welding procedures: we could advice you on what are the best welding process, giving to your welders the tips to improve the testing results, also choosing the best welding consumables. 

4.-You could built your tanks, vessels or Plants using the latest technologies on erection, welding process and welding consumables to have the best welding results from productivity with lower rejection and reworking rates. 


Knowledge Development