SoldOza Company’s Area provide complete solutions.

  • Preparation or review welding consumables specifications and base material specifications in accordance with contractual requirements.
  • Engineering drawing preparation and review and design of welded joints.
  • Welding Processes & Consumables Selection and Estimation.
  • Technical acceptance of suppliers or subcontractors offers.
  • WPS & PQR Qualifications, Mechanical test witnessing.
  • Review and comments construction Procedures and Method Statements.
  • Review and acceptance of the NDE Procedures.
  • Preparation of the Inspection Test Planning (ITP’s).
  • Works alongside the Site Management Team with regards to all contracts and negotiations with the EPC contractor.
  • Provides support to the CMT staff for a variety of tasks including Contractor’s adherence to project requirements, engineering review, evaluating and monitoring progress and field quality assurance, review invoice documentation and tracking and remedying issues.
  • Leads the team in monitoring and forecasting contract cost and schedule, including reviewing progress payments.
  • Interfaces and coordinates with the contractor, construction managers, engineering managers, design engineers and owner’s representatives to aim project targets.
  • Interfaces with Document Control to develop, maintain and track various logs, reports and correspondence as required to follow up the contractor advance.
  • Chairs meetings, review minutes and follow-up actions, identifies issues and follows through until resolved.
  • Supports the Construction with contract documentation, contractor’s contract compliance, community relations, procurement interface and monitoring the contractor’s safety, quality, cost and schedule performance.
  • Review and comments construction Procedures and Method Statements.
  • Review and acceptance of the NDE Procedures.
  • Works with engineers and start-up managers to ensure efficient turnover and coordinates with operation and maintenance staff.
  • Start-up of welding activities for more critical processes/projects or for new welding processes and monitoring of welding results and consumption of welding consumables by the project.
  • Support and promote Quality Systems and HSE during construction phase.
  • The knowledge is one of our main pillars, this is the reason why we have always devoted a significant amount of resources and effort to technological research, benchmarking, and technical studies on welding themes, creating knowledge, that we make available to our clients as part of our services.

As a collaborator of the Thermal Projection Center of the University of Barcelona and as a Member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors we have access to Metallographic study equipment such as Optical Microscopes, SEM and TEM, micro and nano-hardness, X-Ray Fluorescence, etc. To develop metallurgical studies in the areas of:

  • Failure Analysis / Root Cause Analysis.
  • Microstructural Analysis.
  • Analysis of defects in welding and implementation of corrective measures to reduce their occurrence and repeatability.
  • Products benchmarking an Metallurgical Analysis.
  • Conformity Evaluation in the Construction of the Tank, Hydrostatic Test and LNG Filling.

  • Review of the Test Packs of the different Piping systems, such as NG, LNG, NI, FF.

  • Review of the different tests of the piping systems before the Commissioning stage, to ensure compliance.

  • Review of the results of the NDE of the different ferrules and bottom of the storage tank.

  • Identification of Deviations and Nonconformities, related to construction non-compliance according to API 650 standards | API 620 | API 653 | IN 14015 | EN 14620, and scope of the Project.

  • Delivery of a Quality Certificate, ensuring Compliance in the Conformity Assessment throughout the Construction stage.