1. Senior Site Supervisor:

• Activities are performed safely and in compliance with the applicable project OSH policy, local laws and statutory requirements, such as relevant projects guidelines or directives.
• Construction activities are executed according to contractual obligations / specifications with regard to quality and time schedule.
• Coordination with subcontractors’ management and vendor specialists.
• Coordinate Site Supervisors and vendor specialists on site.
• Consult and make final decision on technical issues.
• Review / approve Method Statements.
• Control construction work packages for the site with respect to personnel, equipment, materials and documents, included availability of method statements, risk assessment and work permits.
• Supervise construction activities carried out by the subcontractors with respect to compliance with project specifications and safe working procedures and support pre-commissioning activities.
• Coordinate deviation reports and repair works.
• Coordinate interdisciplinary Subcontractors.
• Monitor qualification of subcontractors’ personnel together with Site QA/QC Manager.
• Monitor suitability of subcontractors’ equipment.
• Conduct spot check to verify construction drawings used are latest revision.
• Execute field inspections, included punching out.
• Coordinate generation of measurement records for project manufactured property equipment.
• Approve discipline progress.
• Report Daily Site Log and maintain discipline-specific construction data.
• Collaborate with subcontractors’ management, e.g. release quantity surveys, sign off time sheets for extra work orders, review invoices and extra work orders.
• Initiate, monitor and ensure preservation activities for installed items are executed and documented.
• Training of customers personnel for projects manufactured equipment.
• Coordinate elaboration of as build documentation.

2. Welding Supervisor:

• Welding activities are performed safely and in compliance with the applicable OSH policy, guidelines or directives
• Welding procedures, testing procedures and guidelines are followed
• Welder qualification certificates are valid for the specific work scope
• Welding documentation is maintained correctly
• Provide technical welding guidance to subcontractors
• Check, approve and monitor welder qualification records (WQR) and other welding documents prepared by subcontractors
• Ensure approved welding procedure specifications (WPS) are applied
• Verify the welders’ personal qualification, included attending and approving on-site welder tests
• Monitor welder performance
• Review and approve non-destructive examination (NDE) result, documentation and reports, or coordinate with the NDE specialists
• Coordinate and maintain welding documentation

3. QC Site Supervisor:

• Activities are performed safely and in compliance with the applicable project OSH policy, local laws and statutory requirements, such as guidelines or directives
• Project quality program for his/her allocated scope is communicated and applied
• Inspections are executed according to the project quality program
• Ensure that project quality program for his/her allocated scope is implemented and followed during all phases of the work
• Monitor field work execution and support subcontractors in all QC matters, included introduction and application of special measuring protocols
• Monitor and maintain the discipline QC Plan, included inspection & test plans (ITP)
• Verify testing & measuring equipment has been calibrated and certified / qualified prior to use
• Verify sample materials and products comply with specification
• Participate in / execute field inspections
• Manage non-conformities and verify corrective and preventive action in consultation with the technical experts