The Hydrostatic Test is one of the Tank construction milestones, which main scopes are to determine the Tank tightness and the foundation strength, integrity and homogeneity.

The seawater could be used for the Hydrostatic Test, adequately protecting all parts of the Tank in contact with seawater and carrying out the necessary cleaning to ensure that the Tank and internal piping and structures are not affected.

We have participated in the Hydrostatic Test with seawater of eight LNG Tanks of 150,000m3 in Spain, one LNG Tank of 175,000m3 in Chile, one 180,000m3 LNG Tank in Panama and we are currently supporting one of our clients to carry out this test on two 200,000m3 LNG Tanks in Russia.


We can help define the Test Specification and Acceptance Criteria, proceed with the preparation of the Test and support during the execution of the Hydrostatic Test with seawater. We can also support you by participating in meetings with the property to get the approval of the proposed methodology.