1. Quality Control, Welding and NDE Design Engineering:

• Preparation and/or review materials and welding consumables specifications in accordance with contractual and Standards requirements.
• FEED Engineering drawing review.
• Welding Processes & Consumables Criteria for Selection and Estimation.
• Review and acceptance criteria definition for NDE Procedures.
• Criteria for Preparation of the Inspection Test Planning (ITP’s).
• Define criteria for Preparation of Technical Specifications for the purchase of materials, including special packaging and supply conditions if necessary.

2. Definition of the Main Construction and Erection Procedures and Method Statements.
3. Conceptual definition of the main maneuver to be done during Tank construction:

• Roof Preassambly and Assambly
• Roof Lifting
• Roof Air Raising

4. Definition of the Main Tank Testing Procedures:

• Tank Hydrostatic Test
• Tank Pneumatic and Partial Vacuum Test
• Tank Settlement

5. Definition of the Main Pre-Commissioning Procedures:

• Tank Dry-off
• Tank Purging